• Carol Dumsday

When the light shines on the darkness

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Time is strange at the moment. For some of us it feels like time is going around us as we stand still. In South Africa (where I live) we have moved to level 2 of Lockdown. Our social restrictions have lifted and together with the legal sales of alcohol and cigarettes — coffee shops, bars and restaurants are busy again. People are venturing further from home and there are many more cars on the road as we meet up with friends and family. Many schools and businesses are back.

Although there is a slight celebratory feel and sense of calm about; many are angry, despondent and saddened by the corruption that has taken place in our country. The light is shining brightly reaching down into the depths of this corruption. A South African problem? We know that corruption happens in many places in our world, perhaps some is hidden in the dark or veiled with a little more finesse? This year has left many of us feeling unmotivated, unsure, fatigued by all that is happening out there. Together with our changing world and the conflicting, non-sensical and false information leaves us bewildered and spinning. As we process all that is/has taken place, we are feeling overwhelmed by the chaos and disclosure of 2020.

We can choose to look at this from a slightly different perspective. That through the disruption and challenges, a lot of corruption that was previously hidden has been brought into the light. When we were in the semi dark about the extent of the corruption we just went about our lives. Now it is in the light for all to see. We can no longer ignore it or distract ourselves as we are forced to acknowledge, and think about how to process and deal with it. Certainly feels like the light is shining on the darkness and showing us the cracks and the dishonesty that is/has taken place. With all the light that shining, the dark has less space to hide. So while we feel helpless, hopeless and wondering the plight of our world, it is a good time to remember that exposure is a gift and chaos a catalyst for change.

There is a lot of anxiety in the human collective. And It is no wonder we are feeling this way, we were going about our lives and then 2020 happened, the carpet was pulled from under us and we were left suspended and everything changed in a very short time. Lockdown, the unknown future, fall of the economy, confusion, differing of opinions, polarising of ideas and people. The news reporting contradictory or even non-sense ‘information’. Protests for black lives matter and human trafficking coming to light. Finding out about the crimes committed against the children. We do need to be aware of all that is going on in our world. But more importantly we need to be aware of where we choose to focus. This is a time for self reflection, self-focus and clearing out our lower vibrations and feelings we are holding in our bodies, to ensure that our high frequency bodies are kept clear in order for us to be able to align with high vibrations such as peace and joy.

While we cannot ignore the now reality of our external world, more than ever it is time to do our self work. We can’t control our external world, we should focus on what we are able to control, and that is how we are reacting or responding. Self-focus is key. I recently posted on my Wellness Counselling social media accounts about finding joy. Joy is one of the highest vibrations we align with (emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually). Our vibration impacts our health and high vibrations play a part in keeping our immune system healthy. As we know a healthy immune system keeps us safer. In the pressure cooker of 2020, it is so easy to attach ourselves to a low vibe like the Fear vibration. Particularly when the darkness comes to light. We need to dig deep as we see-saw between despair and moments of joy. We have a choice as to which vibration we are going to tune into? Like tuning into a radio station, the frequency we tune into is the reality we experience. Do what brings you joy, hugging a loved one, baking a cake, getting out into nature, watching movies and comedians that make you laugh … whatever brings you joy, do that.

How do we hold the peace in such turbulent and crazy times? It feels like a big ask but it is our greatest power to get us onto the new timeline. We can do this by being aware and observing our surroundings versus getting pulled into the drama narrative. And the quickest way to awareness, calm and to find our centre is through our breath. As we know breathing is automatic and so we don’t pay much attention to our breath. When we are stressed or anxious we unknowingly hold our breath, breathing only when necessary or we shallow breathe perpetuating our anxiety.

Peace is to find our centre, calm and being grounded. We can do this through breathing, deep breathing every day. We should make sure we are breathing deeply into our lungs, if possible following the breath in and out of the body, 3 deep breaths every morning and/or evening or anytime you need to access calm. We can’t control what is going on outside us, but we can control how we experience the world.

To get us through these unknown turbulent times do whatever raises your vibration — surround yourself with music, people, watch movies and shows that make you laugh. Get out into nature. Breathe. And yes we should we aware of all that is going on in our world, but we get to choose where we focus. Where we focus becomes our reality.

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