Berry Branches

Private Counselling

I work with adults, young adults and teenagers, creating a safe space for counselling therapy services. 

A presenting trauma or challenge is often a catalyst to entering into a counselling space. 

While there are many difficulties we may experience, these are some of the challenges we may be experiencing:

Trauma - accidents, abuse, rape surviver, illness or any other traumatic experience

Life changing events - loss or death of loved one, new relationship, relationship break-up, new baby, empty nest

Anxiety - events in our world that we cannot control 

Depression - feeling hopeless, helpless and unable to find joy 

Need for holistic healing and balancing life (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual)

Counselling is an opportunity for self growth, reframing our authority and stepping into our power. Each of us will experience  the world  through our unique view. Wellness Counselling gives us the support and freedom to unpack our experiences and stories.

Wellness Counselling allows us the opportunity to access tools to unlock our creativity. In counselling sessions we are met at the place we're at on our unique path. Wellness Counselling is a safe space to support and guide our humanness to a balanced and comfortable life — clearing emotional blockages that hold us back from our potential to be productive, present and proactive participants in our own lives.

Wellness Counselling supports and guides our emotional well-being — checking in with our holistic wellness (emotional, physical, mental and spiritual awareness).

*Spiritual well-being acknowledges the inter-connectedness of everything.

Counselling supports our humanness in finding a balance between living comfortably in our life and our life purpose.