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What others say

Client comments:

“Carol Dumsday is amazing and warm. Taught me so many coping skills. Loved our sessions.  She is so passionate about what she does. Highly recommend her to all ages”.

“I have worked with Carol Dumsday for nearly 10 years and I am so grateful for her kind strong professionalism I fully endorse your work Carol”

“Great advice from Carol who I highly recommend as a counsellor.”

“Couldn't agree more! Carol is amazing!”


"Carol is an insightful accomplished counsellor, who has done her own psychological work, and is therefore a sound practitioner. While she has worked for many years with traumatised women, she is capable and has a wide scope of practice and ability." 

V. Thompson, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

“Carol has made it her mission to understand what our values are and has absolutely embraced our vision. The measure of success we have seen in those who have committed to counselling is very encouraging. Not only have they been given the tools they need to cope emotionally, but they have been empowered to make decisions and tackle the challenges they face in their work life. This has given our company the room to focus on our strengths knowing that our beneficiaries are supported. I can honestly say that Carol is an asset to The Clothing Bank and I can confidently state that her services have become an important part of our programme." 

Tracey Gilmore, co-founder The Clothing Bank  

“I wish to confirm that I have had the privilege of working with Carol Dumsday at the Clothing Bank where she has provided an invaluable counselling service to our Enterprise Development Candidates since 2010. In this time, I have come to know her as a dedicated individual. She has proven to be someone who is committed, loyal and passionate; she has established great rapport with the woman, while maintaining a professional relationship. She has definitely impacted the lives of the many women who have benefited from her counselling.”  

Anthea Ridderhof, Training & HR – the Clothing Bank

“I first had the privilege of meeting Carol when she was Operations Manager at Tourvest Destination Management (then Tourvest Inbound Operations). Carol impressed me with her commitment and dedication, not only to the company but also to the staff who reported to her. She did everything she could to not only fulfil her job function, but to ensure that her team was motivated in their roles, allowing and encouraging their growth potential. She was well-liked and respected by management, her colleagues, clients and the support channel within the tourism industry. Carol and I continue our friendship and I have come to know her as someone with the rare ability to suspend judgement and take an objective look at a situation and give sound advice and guidance to those she is close to. Her loyalty and integrity is without question.”

Heather Gutierrez Deegan, (was) Regional Director Cape Tourvest (TIO)