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a human story, living beyond the box

Updated: Apr 13

It’s rainy and cold in Cape Town, we’re in lockdown level 4 again. Having nowhere to go today but stay indoors, I ended up on the couch reading a copy of a human story, living beyond the box a book I wrote in 2016 and after endless self editing, I published it in 2018. Other than noticing some words and writing I’d like to change (does the editing ever really end), It was the first time I read the book cover to cover without a critical eye.

Although the book has a deep base in my therapy work, at the time of writing I felt a gentle hand ushering me to write this book to guide and assist us through our difficult life experiences. To start a conversation about how to live our best lives by expanding our life-box beyond our social conditioning and programming.

I was nudged to make a post when my friend Jean sent a message saying a human story, living beyond the box is more relevant in 2021 than when it was written in 2016. I agree, it feels like we’re in the thick of the chaos and this book offers some navigation tools to get us to the other side.

We are all too aware that isolation, masks, losing loved ones has affected our mental and emotional wellness. How do we stay mentally sane through it all? Physically we have never had to step up to the plate as much as we need to do right now. We need to ensure our immune systems are in good shape. Are we getting vitamin D, exercising, eating healthy food and getting enough sleep? Are we having positive interactions with others, are we feeling supported? Humanity is connected and we naturally thrive on human interaction.

For all you wonderful souls who supported me by purchasing a copy of a human story, living beyond the box, now that you have some time in lockdown, with the rain and cold I recommend you read or reread your copy and hope you can find some gems to keep you going during this time.

Anyone else who would like a get a copy, please contact me at and I’ll arrange to get a copy to you.

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