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Living in the now moment, creating our reality

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

I have two messages today. The first is for us to include fun and laughter as much as possible in the moment and the second message is to trust that we are safe in each moment…

I’m reminded of the importance of being present, aware and in our power as it impacts our reality. Our current timeline is showing up the external chaos around our planet and we are being called to dig deep into our personal resources and to hold our highest vibrations in each moment. The way we respond in the moment creates our reality. Our choice to react in the chaos or respond from a place of calm lines up our next now moment, and this is how we create our reality. So how we respond in each moment, creates the next now moment, that creates the next now moment, and so on. That is how powerful we are. So when we are able to ground ourselves in our body, breathe, become aware and observe what is playing out in our external environment we can choose our highest response. Our highest response is a call to respond from a place of awareness and not to react in the chaos by 'buying into’ lower vibrations such as fear, control and judgement, as we know when we react in the chaos we create more chaos in our lives.

An example of this is when we encounter a person who belittles or insults us in front of others. We have a choice to react or respond. We react by getting angry, firing insults, spiralling into a bad mood, creating bad feelings about ourselves or fearing that we will not be liked or accepted. When we get caught up in this external drama, we allow in lower vibrations, like fear and judgement into our bodies and this has a negative affect on our reality. Or we can respond by taking a deep breath, observing the person throwing insults and realising this has nothing to do with us, and everything to do with the other person who lashing out at us in attempt to get rid of their own pain burden. Although it take some practice, we can choose not to react, but rather to respond. The choice to respond allows us the space and opportunity to engage with higher vibrational activities like enjoying nature, spending time with a friend, listening to music or anything that brings us joy and gratitude.

If we choose to breathe, we become aware of and are able to observe our environment, choose our highest response and then we raise our vibration and tune into our highest frequency .

It is difficult to stay in a place of calm when we are constantly drawn into the various dramas in our lives. If we continually practise the art of observation this helps us to navigate any negative situations we encounter. Staying in our power. Being in flow.

Deep breathing is important for our well-being. Breathing allows us to connect with our bodies to access our inner calm. Breathing creates an awareness allows us the space to choose to respond from a place of calm, rather than reacting in the chaos. We cannot control what is happening in our world, we can choose how we respond. Our response determines our reality.

I'm including two excerpts from my book, A human story, living beyond the box that align with todays message of being in our joy and remembering that we are always safe.

“As we explore and journey, it’s important to remember to add sparkle and fun to our life-box. After all, we can’t take our time here too seriously — it is a flash in time. Live well as our true self is always safe”

“We should all be encouraged to take down the brick walls, expand our life-box, by exploring, journeying and living well. Our true self is permanent, it cannot be harmed or destroyed, be burnt”

We should be mindful that our truth is not absolute and acknowledge that each of us hold our own truth and that we are able to co-exist with the many truths in this world. The path to a unified field is not that we all agree, but that we can each resonate with our own truth and acknowledge that this may not be the truth of other people. Can we honour another’s truth while staying true to ourselves? Remembering that there is no right and no wrong, no absolutes but only that which resonates and aligns with our own truth. This is key to breaking down or alchemising polarity and division. An important question to ask ourselves is, can we co-exist in our environment, and to make space and acknowledge each person’s personal truth?

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