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Acceptance or Judgement

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Inspired by a podcast I listened to this morning, started me thinking about how judgement or acceptance can deeply impact our world.

What an interesting time in the history of our planet as we are surrounded by extreme chaos. We are being 'triggered', pitted against each other, agendas playing out, attacking each other on social media posts - indignant attitudes of who is right and who is wrong. Judgements, outrage and attacking opinions. Closing down of shared ideas, leaving us feeling overwhelmed with the ‘I can’t breathe’ feeling. Is this clearing out the old and making way for a new timeline? 2020 is a very different world to the one we left behind in 2019.

We have to make choices about how we are going to navigate through this time, as we process all that is happening. How we respond in this time of chaos will reflect in our new paradigm that we are moving toward. The future unknown is a frightening concept, partly because we have always trusted authority for direction and governance. It’s a levelling of the playing fields, is the hierarchal structure ‘collapsing’ and ‘authority’ requiring a new way of being? At a heart level we understand the power of the people, the collective wishing for a world we where live in peace and the popular 'narrative' is not reflecting this voice of the collective.

We live in a world of duality. Polarity has been created by segregation and separation of race, religion, politics, countries and language for thousands of years. Social conditioning and dogmas have been passed down through the generations. There has been a shift in the last decades as we started to open ourselves up to communicate and hear each other, explore and accept our differences and similarities. And to even celebrate them. However, there are outside agendas that continue to separate us through the divide and conquer method.There have been enlightened beings, prophets who have brought wisdoms for healing to unity for humanity and too often these message have been twisted. We have an opportunity to step up at this time in Earth's history and to play our part toward unity and peace. We are all a piece of the puzzle, each piece as important as the other. If we can accept the different pieces (our unique experience, opinion, way of being and role in the world), through building the puzzle we are able to bring humanity together to create a tolerant world that is a new Earth.

The key is Acceptance. Judging creates division.

Holding peace is the most powerful thing we can do right now. Keeping our vibration as high as possible by focusing on the small joys in our everyday, breathing deeply, hugging a loved one, laughing, helping others and spending time in nature. Each of us reflecting and doing our own work, rather than focusing on or judging others. To understand our unresolved issues, the people we need to forgive to move forward, to be aware of what is triggering us — as the outside world is a reflection of our inner story.

Fear and judgement lowers our vibration. When we hold a vibration of fear, judgement and chaos it hurts our physical, mental, emotional well-being. Holding peace, through our unique practices (exercise, being in nature, breathing etc) — whatever they are to each person, raises our vibration and keeps our immune system healthy and safe.

We are all overwhelmed by the world events right now. It is hard work for all of us to stay present, focused, in peace and finding joy. Although it seems too easy, keep it simple ... make time to breathe deeply, as this vital to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

There are many scenarios playing out in our world, but we get to choose where we focus. Like a radio platform, we choose the station or music we want to listen to. Which frequency are we going to tune into? As we know the station we tune into is the one we will experience. This is how we choose our reality.

Humanity, the collective is like a crystal ball that fell to Earth and smashed into 8 billion pieces. Each of us a piece of this crystal ball. We are all reflecting our unique view from our particular shard of the crystal ball. We are one, all a part of this beautiful crystal ball. Are we able to accept each other and our unique experiences in the world, without judgement?

When we stop the judgement, we tolerate and accept each other and open our hearts, this flows into acceptance and understanding.

It’s a time of chaos and we may have to endure more chaos as we go through the eye of the storm. We don’t have control of what is going on in the external. What we do have control of is how we respond. Hold the peace.

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